Timeless Beauty and Durability

Granite countertops have long been associated with classic beauty and traditional warmth due to inherent properties including rich veining and specks along with color and pattern variations. Merl’s Countertops offers the highest quality of granite countertop surfaces in the area in a wide variety of colors. All granite products and installation include a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Trust the experts in natural stone fabrication and installation.

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Granite and Natural Stone Facts

  • Granite is a product of nature and therefore it is impossible to guarantee uniformity of color, veining or any other characteristic.
  • Granite will have visible seams.
  • Granite is porous to some degree. It must be properly treated with a protective sealant; otherwise water, oils and other liquids can easily penetrate the stone leaving stains.
  • Granite will have fissures that are defined as visible separations formed at the grain boundaries of a natural stone.
  • Though granite is very durable, we strongly recommend the use of hot pads or trivets.
  • Granite is scratch resistant, but not scratch proof


We are not limited to these colors of granite. If you have a specific color, please contact us for a quote. All other colors, are quoted on a per quote basis.

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